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SupplierCraft man of dying in Kyoto

  • Colors Kyoto
  • I realized the Craft man of dying in Kyoto when it ran the store at” kimono-salone” in 2017, that is held in Tokyo every year.

    When I visited its studio December in 2017, I found the owner was dying fabric. I talked him about the plan of manufacturing kimono and he listened to me attentively.
    The studio has the good atmosphere that people can enter in not so seriously, as it is filled with the bright sunlight. It suites the colorful fabrics well.

    I began to plan to manufacture the kimono which takes the design from New York, because I was much impressed by Manhattan and the people who I met during the stay in New York April in 2017.

    It was almost the same time when Rakuon achieved funding of the seed stage from the bank.

    Therefore, I seriously considered how Rakuon manufactured the kimono which the concept matched.

    The owner is quite skillful craft man and he provide the kimono with the reasonable price, compared to the time he spent planning and dying.
    Although the shop of the craft man is well thriving, he taught me kindly how to proceed the procedure of manufacturing. It was the matter of course that Rakuon collaborate with him to manufacture the first collection,” Botan”. “Botan” is peony in English.

    He explained me how to use the pattern, dyestuffs and fabrics and we decided the number of colors and the kind of fabric. He finally revised my design to fit the kimono.
    He is the final supervisor of design and arranging colors in “Sakura.” In addition to that, he is in charge of dying in” Botan.”
    I can’t show manufacturing kimono without him. I am excited to work with him!

BIKEN TEXTILE CO., LTD.22, Shimogawara, Tonomori, Kamitoba, Minamiku, Kyoto

  • I met BIKEN TEXTILE when I was looking for the company which can dye the polyester.
    It is because I’d like to manufacture the washable kimono which can lead to the kimono that needs less time for caring in the future collection of Rakuon.

    I asked the person in charge of to express the delicate arrangement of colors on the “Chirimen” taste fabric by the inkjet printer. “Chirimen” is the name of the fabric which is produced in Tango area of Kyoto.

    He tried to dye it in various ways and colors and Rakuon finally got the fine kimono that can tell the difference of colors between each flower.
    Utilizing the inkjet printer is also needed the manual involvement in dealing with dyeing stuff.

    It is the very techniques of the craft man.
    Rakuon anticipates that women are wearing “Sakura” -expresses Rakuon’s logo, cherry blossom, for a long time.

Marutomi Inc2-3-18, Sakashitacho, Kawaguchi, Saitama

  • Marutomi Inc
  • I met Marutomi Inc at the kimono conference in 2016 which was held in Kyoto. After I joined the event that Mr.Tomita, the founder of Marutomi Inc, had hold in 2017, He accepted my request about sewing kimono of Rakuon.
    I heard that it was quite difficult for a new company to find the sewing company which can deal with kimonos in large lot. I deeply appreciated my chance to meet Mr.Tomita.

    The collection of Rakuon is supported by the warm character of Mr. Tomita and careful work of Marutomi.Inc.