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think a kimono

kimono in a new era

Application guideline

Team formation 1〜3
Design creation ・Both Kimono and Obi must be designed.
・Each team can design up to 2 sets of Kimono and Obi.
Design requirements The design must contain a pattern in the fabric with a maximum of five colors used in it.
Click here for an example.
The Obi must also be designed by a maximum of five colors.
Submission 1) 5×5inch pdf data of the pattern of kimono design made with Illustrator. 2)15×15 inch pdf data made with Illustrator for “Zentu” Obi. 3)Two 30×30 inch pdf data made with Illustrator for the front and back style of ”Taiko-gara” Obi. 4)A scanned pdf data of sketches of the whole body with the Kimono, both front and back. 5)An explanation about the concept of design. 6)Plans about Retails and logistics can be attached if available.


Concept guideline The design should be well in line with Rakuon’s brand concept, “kimono. Evolution.”
and should be targeting working women in their 30s.
Design guideline It should express new possibilities for Kimono.
It should be creative.
The beauty of the designed Kimono should be expressed in a way that blends in with the person wearing it.
Entry sheet