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Women in Kimono are beautiful and lovely. Our new brand Rakuon was born in December 2017 from the desire to make Kimono more accessible to women.
The concept is ”Kimono. Evolution.”
It blends the fashion design from New York and the techniques from Nishijin -Kyoto.
We wish women around the world find happiness and fortune through Rakuon’s Kimono.
The design of Rakuon’s collection is derived from the desire to encourage ”women to be more beautiful and lovely.”
By adopting the design concepts from New York, the fashion capital of the world, Rakuon aims to give women with Kimono a deep sense of satisfaction by helping them feel maturity and pleasure in their daily lives.
Fashion Tech
Nishijin, Kyoto still retains the traditional manufacturing techniques. On the other hand, technology has changed how different industries determine factors such as prices, production system, speed and quality within a global dynamic.
“Kimono. Evolution.”
Rakuon aims to become a Fashion Tech company that pioneers the blending of traditional manufacturing techniques and technology.

Our Team

  • Mine Hirono

    President & CEOMine Takeda
    planning / design / coordination


    Engine ID:President&Art directorISSEY KUNOGI
    Engine ID has been supporting Rakuon since its establishment, including the design of Rakuon’s logo. art direction / design support